Download EuroChef catalog 2017 – 2018 and the master list

This EuroChef catalogue was made for professional Chefs and F&B’s, with the intention of providing a “one stop shop” for your OS&E needs. The catalogue aims to provide the complete F&B OS&E needs of any luxury hotel, or similar high-end establishment.

Groupe Matfer-Bourgeat has 5 catalogs for its dealers, in each field:
• Matfer – Kitchen, Pastry & Bakery equipment
• Bourgeat – Equipment for hot & cold transfers
• In-Situ – Tableware & Buffet
• Flo – Disposable
• Vauconsant – Servery counters and live cooking stations

You don’t need these 5 catalogs for your new project, because the EuroChef catalog contains a perfect blend of pre-opening OS&E items, carefully selected from GMB catalogs, and those of our partners. This book is all you need for your OS&E list!

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